Oaxaca, Mexico and Artesania

As I was wondering around the town of Oaxaca and this big puppet caught my eye. Turns out this building is the Casa de las Artesanias de Oaxaca. It is a cooperative of sorts in which 50 artesian families from around the state of Oaxaca have come together to preserve, refine and commercialize their crafts. Each region, town or family will specialize in a particular craft.
For example, Zapoteco produces these colorful rugs.
Mixteco produces these pastel textiles...
... and Mezcal.
Mazateco produces these brilliant multicolor traditional blouses...
... and these modern embroidered blouses.
Mixe produces these woven baskets.
Chatino produces these wall hangings...
... and butterflies made of tin.
Chinanteco produces these whimsical wood carvings.
And Huave produces this pottery...
... and this pottery.

I spent an hour in the casa, but one could easily spend a month in Oaxaca visiting all these villages and admiring the craftsmanship. Unfortunately, I needed to move on.


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