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Trinidad, Cuba - UNESCO Treasure or Tourist Trap? Day 2

After an interesting first day and evening in Trinidad, I slept well. I decided to forgo the breakfast offered in my casa particular. Instead I wanted to walk around the streets and see what I could find. There was the normal hustle and bustle of people going to work, kids going to school… and then I saw a line forming at this doorway. There are bad lines and good lines. This appeared to be a good line. There were about 10 people winding their way up this small staircase waiting for something being distributed through the doorway. It stuck me as a little strange, because the venue did not look like your typical Cuban ration store or dispensary - it looked like a house. I observed as person after person would patiently wait, pay some money, then walk away with a little morsel in their hand. This is what the people were walking away with… a fish sandwich. Sometimes it is advisable to follow the wisdom of the crowd. So I patiently waited my turn. One of the locals behind me in line seem…

Trinidad, Cuba - UNESCO Treasure or Tourist Trap? Day 1

I landed in Trinidad a little past mid day. Honestly, I was excited. 
I had seen photos of the city and heard rumors about the city. By all accounts the city was considered by many to be one of the most beautiful cities in Cuba.  At the center of town there was the Plaza Major (Central Park). Standing in front of the park was the Iglesia Parroquial Mayor del Espiritu Santo (Church of the Holy Spirit). To the right of the cathedral there is a rustic looking sprawling staircase made of cobblestones that bent like a giant V. It formed somewhat of an amphitheater.  At one edge of the staircase I saw this gentleman tuning his guitar.  A few blocks off of the Plaza Major there was an outdoor market selling textiles. It appeared to me that this little street market was primarily set up for tourists. They were not quoting prices in Pesos, but rather in CUC.  I quickly learned that in Trinidad, the mules were work animals, but not necessarily like the beasts of burden that I saw in the countr…

Sancti Spiritus to Trinidad - Countryside, Cattle, Carts and a Cathedral

After a few interesting days in Sancti Spiritus I continued westward. This part of Cuba might be considered the bread basket of the country. In other words, it seemed as if this part of the country had very rich farm and ranch land. To the north there were mountains. To the south there were beaches. In between there were acres of flat green pastures. There was some traffic on the road. This horse drawn carriage was actually traveling at a pretty good pace. They passed me first. Then I sped up my cadence to keep pace. Then I finally passed them. I don't think that they realized that they were part of the race, otherwise I'm sure that they could have easily out distanced me. After about 8km of pedaling I came across a small town. There were a number of school children walking on the streets on the way to school. I saw a number of the children running up to this roadside cafe. I decided to check out what all the excitement was about. It appeared that many of the school children …