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The Best Beaches In The World

CNN has created a list of the world's 100 best beaches. It is a pretty good list, but can you really rank the best beaches? It is so subjective. Here is the top 10. What do you think?

Around Big Bend... Marfa, Valentine, Shafter and Big Bend National Park

On Thursday at about noon I received an email from my friend Daniel which said, "I'm thinking about taking a road trip to West Texas, want to go?"
I responded, "I'm Interested."
Later that evening we talked on the phone and we decided to meet the next day, Friday at 7am and drive west... a somewhat spontaneous adventure.
Since, we were heading to the wild wild west I thought that it would be appropriate to document this adventure with a vintage photo filter. The bad news was that Daniel's car was in the repair shop. The good news was that he had a rental car that we were taking on the trip... a Fiat 500. It's a small car akin to a golf cart, but I must admit that the car gets great gas mileage and I liked the compact size and style.  Daniel picked me up at my house and we set off down the road. The road to West Texas is long and strait. It would be about 500 miles (805 km) and 6 - 7 hours of driving. During the 500 miles we would pass hill country,…