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The Land of 10,000 Lakes

I typically try to keep this blog focused on telling stories about adventure travel. I think that is what all of you are accustomed to reading and have come to expect. However, sometimes I break this rule. 
I recently took a trip for a reunion with some of my old friends. My Cuates (Guatemalan friends) with whom I served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala many years ago. About every five years or so we try to get together to tell tales, catch up on current events and make some new memories. During this trip, my friend Mirsch asked if this event would make The Adventure Begins. I was hesitant to write a story, but after some thought, I decided to write a micro adventure post. 
So, the adventure begins... The Land of 10,000 Lakes.
 I planned to take trip over a long weekend to meet up with some of my old friends. I didn't know exactly what activities might transpire, but I like to travel light and decided to take only the essentials - backpack, chacos, air mattress, sleeping bag, pant…