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Sand Dollars... Wealth

I am going to start counting sand dollars as part of my wealth... making me a very wealthy man to date.

Ilha do Mel (Island of Honey)...beaches, beaches and beaches

When I think of Brazil, I think of miles and miles of coast and beautiful beaches. I was ready for a little sun and fun. So, from Curitiba I headed due east to the coast. My destination was the Ilha do Mel (Island of Honey). 

I rode about 120km to a small town on the coast called Ponta do Sul. In Ponta do Sul I found a pay-by-the-day garage and parked my moto. I think that it cost me about 15 Brazilian Reales. Then I walked down the street and caught a ferry. On Ilha do Mel... no vehicles are allowed.

The ferry ride was a short ride across a bay that lasted about 30 minutes.

There were basically three small towns on Ilha do Mel... Fortaleza, Brasilia and Encantadas. I landed in Encantadas.

When the road ended, the adventure began on foot. 

No worries... all the roads on the island were actually sand trails.

Encantadas seemed to consist of a scattering of houses, a few small hotels and a few restaurants all interlinked by the sand trails.

A typical colorful house.

A typical restaurant.

A nice l…