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The Joy of Peddling and Pedaling Bicycles

Recently I have discovered the joy of peddling and pedaling bicycles.

ped·dle - ˈpedl [verb] - To try to sell (something, esp. small goods) by going from place to place. Example, "He peddled art around the country."

ped·al - ˈpedl, [verb] - To move by working the pedals of a bicycle. Example, "They pedaled along the bike pathway."

Prior to traveling, I sold my Trek mountain bike to free myself from placing it in storage.

When I returned from traveling I wanted a bicycle to ride around Austin. I didn't want a new bike that would be a target for thieves. Yes, unfortunately, Austin has a very high rate of bicycle theft. So I ended up looking through for a used bike. To my surprise I was able to find a sweet used mountain bike that was built in the early 90s called a Raleigh M-50... some might call it a vintage bike.

The owner of the bike was the original owner, but no longer wanted the bike because they had not used it for many years and it was in …

Borrego Stardance... Sweet Time-lapse Under The Stars

Sweet dreams... This crazy combination of amazing steel sculptures and protected sky led to some pretty cool results, as the giant creatures awoke for a midnight "Stardance." Check out the video
Shot and Edited by: Gavin Heffernan