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Best Places to Camp in Texas Each Month of the Year

Guadelupe Mountains National Park
It is possible to hike, camp and backpack year round in Texas. Our winter is mild, spring is temperate, summer is somewhat hot, but fall is fantastic. While it is possible to spend time outdoors all four season, I've compiled a month-to-month list of places to visit based on my experience and preferences. I've taken into consideration factors like the crowds, festivals, weather, rain, heat, water, insects and even flora (such as poison ivy). So here's my list.

Caddo Lake State Park and Sam Houston National Forest
Reason: Caddo Lake is a unique ecosystem which includes the lake, bayous, wetlands and cypress forrests. Sam Houston is a vast expanse of piney woods with an abundance of wildlife. At this time of the year there is less rain, cooler weather, fewer insects and less poison ivy. You may not be able to jump in the lake, but you'll still be able to paddle, fish and explore the cypress forests.

Seminole Canyon State Par…