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The Narrows on the Blanco River in Texas

Some friends and I took a trip to The Narrows on the Blanco River in Texas. It is a gem.
However getting there was no easy task. 
This trip is physically, logistically and legally challenging. The Narrows is on the Blanco River, but is surrounded by private property. There is no trail. The route traverses dry riverbed, sand, rocks, brush and water. The journey can take between 12 to 16 hours, cover 6 to 8 miles in and 6 to 8 miles out and may require swimming 1 to 3 miles in and 1 to 3 miles out depending on the flow of the river. The route and conditions may vary at different times of the year. One must be prepared and equipped for self-rescue, there is no cellular service near the access points nor along the river.
There are two ways to access The Narrows. 1. Obtain permission from one of the property owners with land bordering the river. Or, 2. Access the river via a public right of way and hike and swim the entire route.
Texas Navigation Law specifies access to inland and coastal …

The Canyonlands - A Backpacking Journey in Utah

A car ride + airplane flight + car ride and we stepped into another world.

I found the perfect place to cowboy camp and sleep under the stars on this backpacking trip to Utah. During this trip we visited Dead Horse Point State Park, Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Inside of Canyonlands NP we hiked through The Needles district which is only accessible by foot.

What I used for cowboy camping:
Thermorest Parsec 20 sleeping bag
Thermorest Neo Air Xlite sleeping pad
Sea to Summit Ultrasil Nano poncho tarp
Canyonlands cave

Skinners Sock Shoe Review

I recently acquired a pair of Skinners. What?

Skinners are a new type of sock shoe that the company claims are useful for traveling, walking, running, hiking, biking, workouts, yoga and water sports. 
I decided to put these Skinners to the test on a recent trip hiking and fly fishing. Check out the video.

Skinners are basically a sock covered on the sole with a durable polymer. They offer the comfort of a sock and the protection of a minimalist sole similar to an ultralight barefoot style shoe. 

The sock shoes are made in Europe with an inner layer that is a combination of natural and synthetic fibers woven together into a durable sock. The inner layer material is wicking, insulating and comfortable like a sock. The outer layer is made of a 2mm anti-abrasive polymer that forms a light thin grippy protective barrier.  Each pair weighs about 2.8 ozs. and are machine washable.

I first tried on the Skinners in the comfort of my home. I walked around on my hardwood floors and realized tha…