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The Outpost Trade Show - a trip to the redwood forest like no other

I was invited by to cover The Outpost Trade Show as Media. The Outpost is an outdoor industry event like no other. The event showcases outdoor brands in the environment for which they were created... the great outdoors. is a website and app for campground and gear reviews. It's like for camping. I've been writing reviews for the website this past year. I've found that it's a good way to discover new campgrounds and also to share one's knowledge of campgrounds. People share about the campground facilities, amenities, best campsites, caveats, nearby attractions, etc. I like it because it encourages people to #getoutside.

Leading up to the event, the promotional media that I received from The Outpost was excellent.

The simple yet nostalgic messaging appealed to me.

I was intrigued that many of my favorite outdoor brands would be present. And many of which I had previously never heard. The lineup of brands looked impressive.

What was re…