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Durston X-Mid Tent - Setup and Overview

I'm pretty simple and typically enjoy hammock or cowboy camping. However, there are certain circumstances where a tent is simply more pragmatic or needed. Therefore, I recently acquired a new ultralight tent about which I'm pretty excited - the Durtson X-Mid Ultralight 1 person tent.

The design, production and distribution of this tent was a collaborative development between the online community commerce website Massdrop and hiker/designer Dan Durston. The full name of the tent might be the Massdrop Dan Durtson X-Mid Ultralight 1 person tent.

I have not had an opportunity to fully test this tent on an adventure, but I wanted to demonstrate the setup and provide an overview.

This tent has some unique features and specifications that I try to highlight in the following video. I stated some incorrect specs regarding the material (40D should be 20D) and weight (40 ounces should be 30 ounces), so please see the spec list below for the proper info.

Here's a detailed list of the s…