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The Most Beautiful Road In Vietnam

I woke up early and well rested. My apprehension about my hotel was unfounded. It was an uneventful evening and peaceful night. I did not eat anything for breakfast because I was eager to get back on the road. Someone must have known that I was passing this way, because they placed these multi-colored flags along the highway to welcome me.  I passed over this large river, but I did not catch the name. I stopped to glance over the edge at these wooden boats. Some of the boats appeared to be for transporting people and goods and some of the smaller boats appeared to be fishing boats.
I knew that I had a lot of ground to cover today. Luckily the highway was in good condition. And, the view was not bad either, mostly rolling hills broken up low lying fields of corn, rice and some other crops that I could not identify.
When I passed this river I had to stop. Cau Troi... I think that they were trying to name the river after me, but spelled my name phonetically.  I could not tell if this cr…

Northern Vietnam... The Ho Chi Minh Highway

Before I started this little motorcycle adventure some of my Vietnamese friends advised me about possible places to visit and routes to take. Most of the routes they suggested passed along the main highway that runs along the east coast of the country called the A1. 
I would always ask them about this other route that I could roughly see on some maps that ran through the west part of the country and that was called the Ho Chi Minh Highway (HCMH). All of them would tell me the same thing. The HCMH was supposed to be very beautiful... but dangerous.  When I asked them if it was dangerous because of the traffic, they would say... No, there is less traffic. When I asked them if it was dangerous because of the terrain, they would say... A little but, it passes through the mountains. When I asked them if it was dangerous because of the obstacles like potholes or animals they would say... A little bit, you have to watch out for all of those things. So, I would ask, what makes it so dangerou…

Northern Vietnam... Field to Market

As I continued my way south I came across field after field. Some fields were being prepared for planting such as this ricefield.
Others look like they were ready to be harvested, like this tea field. This was definitely a very rural community. The houses were pretty basic, they were wooden houses on stilts with thatch roofs.  Hmmm... what do we have here?
Harvested corn laid out along the road to dry.  What is this?
Lots and lots of peanuts also drying under the mid-day sun. 

When traveling through a country I like to see what is produced as agricultural crops. I feel like it gives me an insight into the local community. Agricultural crops are not just products, they are what people eat, they are what people trade, they are what people talk about and they are what is important to that community.
... rice, tea, corn, peanuts. I took it easy, but rode almost a full day. I ended up in the town of Hoa Binh. I checked in to a hotel and went for a walk. I stopped in at a small restaurant and orde…