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Mooooving Against Traffic

This is a short 45 second video about moooooving against traffic in El Salvador.

Three Countries In One Day

After my wonderful beach experience in Playa El Espino I decided that it was time for a change of scenery.
Sometimes it's just necessary to cover some distance. From Southern El Salvador I took the coastal road East and then North to the border to the town of El Amatillo.
I bypassed the long line of trailer trucks that were waiting at the border checkpoint.

The exit procedure from El Salvador was smooth and I was through in about 15 minutes.
The entry procedure into Honduras was a bit more problematic and it probably took about an hour. The Honduras immigration and customs department required multiple copies of all my documents. They also charged me for a visa, vehicle permit and municipal road toll. I had most of my documents in order, but it still took some time.

Once I finished with the entry procedures I rode through the Southern part of Honduras for about 2 hours.

There wasn't much remarkable about the ride. The road was covered with potholes. I took them on as a bit of…

Playa El Espino, El Salvador...Sketchy Hotel

I heard that Playa Espino was one of the best beaches in El Salvador. When I told Roberto from the Hotel Entre Piedras in Alegria that I was thinking of going there, he looked a little puzzled and genuinely concerned. He said that the beach is nice, but the hotels are not of the same quality. A polite way of saying that they would suck. And he mentioned that the people there may not be very helpful. A polite way of saying that it might be a little unsafe.

He recommended that instead I might try an area called Puerto Triumpho. I said that I'd check out Puerto Triumpho and then maybe Playa Espino.

So I set off for Puerto Triumpho. The ride down to the coast took me over some twisty roads. It was a nice 30 minute ride. I took the cut off for Puerto Triumpho. Usually I try to stay away from any town that has Puerto (Port) as part of it's name because I know what it generally implies... a dirty, seedy and somewhat unsafe port town.

Upon arriving in Puerto Triumpho I took a q…

Tire Repair in Berlin, El Salvador

I did a little dual sport riding the other day.

When I returned to the hotel I noticed this... a nail in my rear tire. You'll notice that the tire is still fully inflated. I didn't know if the nail had not penetrated all the way to the tube or if the Slime that I put inside my tube had protected and sealed the leak. It was late in the day, so I decided to wait until the next day to attempt the repair.

The next day the tire was still holding pressure. I've repaired a flat tire on my motorcycle before, so I felt comfortable repairing it. But I wanted to see if there was a llanta taller (tire shop) nearby that might be able to help. I asked the owner of the hotel and he indicated that there was not a taller in Alegria, but there were a few tallers in the town of Berlin about 5 km away. I headed down the road.

When I arrived in Berlin the first shop that I found was closed. I rode around a little bit looking for another. I saw a young guy on a little Suzuki 50cc motorbike.…

La Laguna Alegria...A Day Hike

In Alegria I stayed in the Hotel Entre Piedras that is located at one corner of the town plaza.
It's a family run hotel and the owner Roberto really goes out of his way to make guests feel welcome.
The hotel has a nice restaurant and patio area to eat, drink and chill.
I ran into Osita and Gatita again whom had been staying at the hotel for a few days. They were planning to go on a hike to La Luguna Alegria and asked if I wanted to join them. How could I resist? They are so adorable.
Our guide for the trip was a local guy named Walter.
I believe the La Laguna Alegria was formed within the crater of a dormant volcano. The first part of the hike was ascending the outer hill through some coffee plantations.
Some great views of the surrounding area.
We came across this bullet ridden and bombed out shelter at the top of the volcano. It was used by both the Contras and Sandinista armies during the war. A relic from the Salvadoran Civil War.
In Latin America I'm often referred to as…

The Street Art of Alegria, El Salvador

A collection of street art from the town of Alegria.

Monsignor Romero
Street posts