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Seminole Canyon, Texas… Under the Sun

A short trip to Seminole Canyon located in the Southwest corner of Texas where I found roads, railroads, trails, canyons, cacti, flowers, fossils, the Pecos River, the Rio Grande River and some ancient cave art paintings. A relief map with an overhead view of the canyon.
The crew
The first day started off with clouds and rain.
Because of the rain, we sought shelter at the Judge Roy Bean Museum and Saloon.
I'll take one of those.
The railroad was instrumental in expanding and developing this part of Texas. Much of the railroad was built by Chinese immigrants.
The bridge crossing the Pecos River.
An overhead view of the canyon.
The canyon walls
An overhead view of the canyon.

We went on a hiking excursion that led us into the canyon.
The sights to see in Seminole Canyon include these ancient wall art drawings created some 4000 years ago.

Taking photos of the canyon floor.
Relaxing in my hammock after a day of exploring.

POV Action Camera Comparison

This is one of the best side-by-side POV action camera comparisons that I've seen. Six different models evaluated under various scenarios (indoor, outdoor, tunnel, high speed).
The cameras evaluated are the latest versions of the GoPro, Sony, Drift, Ion, Garmin and Shimano. Check out this video before you buy your next camera.

Some Things Change, Some Things Stay The Same.

I came across this historical documentary film made in the 1940's about traveling along the Pan American Highway.  Based on my own travels along the route, I would say that most of the big cities now are quite different and modern.  However, some of the rural areas that I passed through were almost exactly as featured in this film.  I find it somewhat comforting that some things change, some things stay the same.
Check out the 35 minute documentary.