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The New Kammok Mantis and Mantis Ultralight Hammocks

I dropped by the Kammok store in Austin, Texas to check out their new Kammok Mantis and Mantis Ultralight Hammocks. 
It's an All-In-One hammock which includes the hammock, insect screen, ridgeline, bag, guy-lines, stakes, straps and rainfly. The Standard Mantis weighs in a 2 lbs 12 ozs and the Mantis UL weighs in at 2 lbs 3 ozs - crazy light!

This isn't a full review, because I haven't had a chance to actually test the hammock. It's more of an overview in which I highlight a few of the unique features of each hammock.

Check out the video...

For more information visit their website at

Mantis Specs:

Best Use Case: Backpacking
Unpacked Dimensions (hammock): 120" x 56"
Unpacked DImensions (fly): 136" x 88" (tapers down to 72" at foot end)
Packed Dimensions: 10" x 6"
Packed ‘Compressed’ Dimensions: 8" x 6"
Packaged Weight (oz): 2lb 12oz
Minimum Trail Weight (oz):
*Trail weight w/out rainfly: 1lb 11.8oz
*Trail weight w/…

Sawyer Micro Squeeze Water Filter Overview

I recently acquired a new water filter - a Sawyer Micro Squeeze. I've owned the original Sawyer Squeeze water filter for a number of years - it's great! This new model is smaller and lighter, but still has a very similar flow rate as the original model. I use these water filters while hiking, backpacking or traveling international. I don't have to worry about finding bottled water, drinking the tap water or drinking directly from a source. I just use the filter and I instantly have clean drinkable water. 

To purchase: Sawyer Micro Squeeze

Micro Squeeze Filter with Push/Pull Cap1 – 32 ounce Collapsible PouchesBackwashing PlungerCleaning CouplingSpare GasketDrinking Straw SPECIFICATIONS

MSRP:$28.99LONGEVITY:up to 100,000 GallonsVOLUME:Includes 32 oz pouchFILTER MATERIAL:Hollow Fiber MembraneREMOVES: