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Dakar Rally 2012 in Argentina, Chile and Peru (Video)

Are you ready for the most amazing auto race (trucks, cars and motorcycles) in the world? I can't wait!

From January 1st to 15th the Dakar Rally will take place in and across the borders of Argentina, Chile and Peru. If all goes according to plan I'll be in Peru January 13th to 15th to follow the race to the finish.

El Museo del Oro Experience

Here's a short 2 minute experimental video of a display within the Museo del Oro. I walked into a pitch black room, some music started to play and I found myself surrounded by gold.
Location:Bogota, Colombia

El Museo del Oro in Bogota, Colombia

El Museo del Oro (Gold Museum) is a museum true to it's name. It displays a extensive collection of pre-Hispanic gold work - said to be the biggest in the world. Here's a few pieces that I liked.

El Museo Botero in Bogota, Colombia

Today, I visited one of the the most amazing museums that I've ever come across. There is something special about this museum dedicated to Fernando Botero. I have been fortunate enough to visit amoung others the Met, Louvre, Smithsonian, Vatican, Orsay and British Museums. But to me the Museo Botero is an extraordinary museum for the quality of the collection of art, the simple yet elegant presentation and the seemingly good sentiments that this combination of art and layout invoked in me. I was amazed that one artists could create so many pieces of art using various mediums such as oils, pastels, sketchings and sculptures.

Here are some of my favorite pieces.

Mariano (Argentina), Erin (Canada) and Christophe (Guadeloupe/France) joined me in visiting the museum.

Nuevo Zapatos (New Shoes/Tires) for Emi

My odometer on my bike rolled over to 7000 miles today. I thought that I'd celebrate by getting some nuevo zapatos (new shoes/tires) for Emi.

I asked a local motorcyclist where I might be able to find a motorcycle shop that sells tires and he directed me to a street called Avenida 1 de Mayo between Avenida NQS and Avenida 10.

The street is lined on both sides with about a half mile of moto shops.

All the motorcyclists ride up and down the street looking for what they need, then pull up on the sidewalk to park.

I found a shop that had some Perelli MT60 tires in the right size for my bike.

In the small garage the mechanics went to work on my bike. I also asked for an oil change and lube. I had them check my break pads and they seemed to still be in good shape.

Afterwards, I rode down the street and found a moto wash.

I had been riding through quite a bit of rain and dirt, so it was nice having my bike cleaned up a bit for $3. They didn't do a great job, but I think Emi …

Crossing The Darien Gap from Panama to Colombia

UPDATE as of April 2015. The roll-on roll-off ferry service Ferry Xpress to cross from Panama to Colombia has suspended their service.

The Darien Gap is a 30 mile stretch of land that lies between Panama and Colombia. It is thick jungle that is pretty inhospitable to most human beings. There are some indigenous people, guerrillas and drug runners that do inhabit the area.

There was one group of adventure motorcyclists that crossed through the Darien Gap in 1995 on specially modified motorcycles. Their journey is documented at Outback of Beyond.

For most adventure motorcyclists there are a few options for crossing the Darien Gap.
1. Ship your bike from Colon to Cartagena on a cargo ship and buy a ticket on a separate ship or airplane for yourself.
2. Ship your bike from Colon to Cartagena on a passenger sailboat that will carry both you and your bike.
3. Ship your bike from Panama City to Bogota on a cargo airplane and buy a separate airplane ticket for yourself.

I looked into all of…

Celebrating Christmas in Bogota, Colombia

I woke up on Christmas morning without anything to really do. No family time this year... no presents... no dinner feast... no church to attend. But I thought that I could still make it special.
There is a mountain overlooking the city of Bogota that is called Monserrate. The mountain is a tourist destination because from the top there is a scenic view of the city. The mountain is also a pilgrimage destination because there is an iglesia (church) at the top.

A few of the travelers I had met said that Monserrate was worth visiting. Even though it sounded a bit touristy, I didn't have anything to do, so I decided that I'd check it out. It turned out to be a perfect way to celebrate Christmas.
To get to Monserrate it was a short walk from my hotel. At the base of the mountain is a welcome building.
One can hike up the mountain, take a ferrocarril (train) or take a teleferico (cable car). It was sprinkling rain, so I didn't feel like hiking.
I decided to take the teleferi…