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Crossing The Darien Gap… New Ferry Service

UPDATE:  It appears that this ferry service has been suspended.
Crossing the Darien Gap just got a little easier with the operation of a much anticipated luxury ferry service called Ferry Xpress. The service runs from Colon and Bocas del Toro, Panama to/from Cartegena, Colombia.

Fees as of Nov 1, 2014 can be as low as US$99 per person for a seat (US$155 for a cabin) and US$180 per motorcycle.
This represents a substantial savings over air cargo flights with Girag Cargo which range from US$450 for passengers and US$900 for motorcycles.
Or with sailboat charters which range from US$450 for passengers and US$550 for motorcycles.

This new ferry service will certainly be a welcome form of transportation to cross the Darien Gap for budget minded adventure motorcyclists and travelers, but it will certainly take a little of the "adventure" out of the experience. Read about my experience crossing the Dari…

On Any Sunday… The Next Chapter

On Any Sunday!!! Can The Next Chapter be any better than the original On Any Sunday? I'm looking forward to checking it out.
Check out the original on YouTube.

From Dalat to Ho Chi Minh City… All Good Things Must Come To an End

I was sad to leave Dalat. I had a great time hanging out with my new friends and seeing the highland countryside. However, I needed to press on toward Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC, formally Saigon) because I was planning to meet another friend who was traveling from the US to meet me in the city.
According to google maps the ride to HCMC would be about 6 hours. I knew from experience that it would probably be longer.
So I departed Dalat in the rain. There was light rain… medium rain… heavy rain… let's just say that there was lots of rain. Luckily there were plenty of opportunities to pull over to the side of the road to rest. In Vietnam there are often these places to rest along the side of the road designed for drivers or riders that are called cà phê võng. At a typical cà phê võng there would usually be a little store with basic items such as snacks, drinks and noodles. The best part about these establishments are that they have hammocks spread beneath a canopy for short rest breaks…

Dalat… Rain, Shelter, Lakes, Farms and Friends

After two full days of riding, I arrived to the city of Dalat. I believe that it rained almost the entire journey.
By the time that I arrived in Dalat all that I really wanted to do was to find a dry place to rest and find something warm to eat. Luckily I found this little restaurant. You can tell from the photo that even my camera/phone was cold and wet. I ordered this little bit of happiness… Vietnamese style chicken noodle soup for the soul… phở ga. While traveling, I tend to find great enjoyment in the little pleasures in life… like a good meal. After I finished my soup, I sat in the restaurant for a loooong time…. just resting… just watching the rain fall.
I waited and waited for the rain to stop… but it did not. I gradually accepted that it would rain all day and that I would remain wet most of the day. I contacted a friend of mine that lives in Dalat name Hoang Anh. I first me Anh when I was visiting the town of Hue. My other friend Phuong introduced me to him at the New Space…