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Gift Guide for Outdoor People

Here's my gift guide for outdoor people. I've used and tested all of these products while hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing or just hanging out. Some of the products like the hats or shoes might last me a season. Some of them like the fishing rod or pocket knife should last me a lifetime. These gifts range in price from about $250 to $10. Even though many of the items that I've shown are designed for males, almost all of the products have designs for females. So there is something for everyone.

So take a look and let me know what would make your list. Enjoy!

When I was a kid I learned to fish with a cane pole, line, hook and worm. It was such a simple way to fish, but also very effective. A trend in fishing that is bringing back simple fishing is the adoption of Tenkara fly fishing. Tenkara fly fishing is a style of fishing originally conducted primarily in mountain streams that only utilizes a pole, line and a single fly - so simple, so nostalgic. Anyone can do it and now novices and experts are rediscovering the joy of simple fishing. Any person that enjoys the outdoors would enjoy a Tenkara USA Sato Fly Rod Kit.

I've owned this Osprey Talon 44 backpack for a few years now. I've taken it on a thru-hike for 21 days on the John Muir Trail, backpacking in Big Bend NP and as a weekend hauler. The pack is made of lightweight ripstop fabric which strikes a nice balance between weight (2.4 lbs) and durability. It works great for loads under 30 lbs, but I'll admit that I've stuffed it up to 38 lbs. It is large enough to hold a bear canister, yet the compression straps allow it to be synched down for a weekend pack. What I really like about this pack is that the volume of 44 liters allows me to carry all that I need, while still being compliant as carry-on luggage with most airlines.

From day hikes to weekend adventures this Gregory Inertia 30 Liter Backpack carries a load. It has 30 liters of capacity which holds plenty of gear. If I'm traveling light, the side compression straps synch down the load to keep it controlled. There are a variety of internal and external pockets  for storing just about anything. To top it off, the backpack comes with a 3D 3 Liter hydration bladder. I like it because this pack weight less than 2 lbs., but can comfortably carry up to 30 lbs..

Run, hike, walk, relax? Altra Superior Trail Running Shoes are great for a variety of outdoor pursuits. These shoes are comfortable, light, supportive and offer excellent grip on a variety of surfaces. These shoes have a zero-drop and a natural footbed design which allow your feet to act and react in a natural way - similar to how your feet perform when walking barefoot.

Whether your adventures take you over land or water the Chaco Zcloud Sandals excel under any conditions. The Zcloud molded footbed is super comfortable. While the unique webbing design keeps  the sandals securely attached to your feet. In addition, the rubber and tread pattern provide secure footing over concrete, sand, dirt, mud, rocks and through water.

Relax. Enjoy a few minutes or a few hours kicking back in an Eno Sub 7 Hammock. This hammock weighs less than 7 ounces so it can be thrown into your backpack and taken anywhere. Find two trees or poles to set it up and you are ready to relax as if you were in a tropical paradise.

Go directly from the hotel lobby to the hotel pool in these shorts. The O'neil Hybrid Shorts look like traditional walking shorts, but they are also swim shorts. The material looks like cotton, feels like silk, dries like a synthetic and wears well. They look great as everyday shorts. They perform excellent as swim shorts.

Everyone needs a pocket knife. Whether you need to open a package, cut some string or file your fingernails this little pocket knife will get it done. In addition to a blade, file, screwdriver and scissor, this model includes a writing pen and a flashlight. If you're looking for an heirloom type of gift, this Victorinox Swiss Army Knife will be treasured for years.

Hoodies are no longer limited to urban street wear. They are now a staple of outdoorsmen. The Vapor Hoody Sunshirt's material is light for breathability, wicking for all climates, and the long sleeves and hood protect your skin from sun exposure and wind chaffing. Whether you are peak bagging, fishing the flats, hiking a long trail or simply spending time outside, this Vapor Hoody Sun Shirt got you covered.

Selfie sticks are out. Ultrapods are in. These little tripods are compact, lightweight, sturdy and utilitarian. They can support a mobile phone up to a mirrorless camera. For transport they easily fit into a pocket. They can be used alone for a ground level perspective. They can be strapped to a tree for an elevated shot. And yes, they can be attached to a hand held pole and used like a selfie stick.

Back in the day, if you thought that synthetic socks were a revolution; or more recently if you've been sporting merino wool socks; the evolution of socks marches on. Try a pair of Injinji wool toe socks. The merino wool keeps your feet warm when it is cold and cool when it is warm. The socks wick moisture, dry quickly and breath substantially,  In addition, each toe is encased which prevents blisters. Ok, if you are only grinding it out for a few hours you may not need these socks. But if you're thru-hiking the AT, or running an Ultra, or find yourself with soggy socks after a workout... you need these socks. Or if you enjoy wearing socks and sandals, these will surely irk a few of your friends.

What does wearing a trucker hat that cost $40 to $50 say about you. Does it say that you have style? Does it say that you have money? Or does it say that you are a little over concerned about your headwear? I like a hat that provides protection, breaths well and looks crisp. That's all. These Richardson Trucker Hats cover my needs, come in a variety of colors and cost less than $10.

Gear breaks, tears, rips and punctures, so you need something to hold it together. Tenacious Tape Gear Patches are the type of repair tape that duct tape uses when it finds itself in a bind. In other words, this tape is useful for repairs because it is super strong, adhesive and now even looks cool. You can find Tenacious Tape in rolls, stickers and these fun animal and outdoor shapes. Tore your tent, repair it with a pine treee. Punctured your puffy, repair it with a maple leaf. Snagged your shoe, repair it with a bigfoot.

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