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The New Ducati Scrambler… specifications, images and video.

I was just mentioning to a friend that I have never really liked Italian motorcycles... even Ducati.
Ooooooh, but this motorcycle… this new motorcycle… this new Ducati… I've changed my mind… The new Ducati Scrambler is my kind of motorcycle.

From the Ducati website… The Ducati Scrambler is the contemporary interpretation of the iconic Ducati model, as if it had never been out of production. The style is “post-heritage”: to take the best of the past and create something unique and absolutely contemporary. Anti-conformist, accessible and essential, the Ducati Scrambler is the perfect blend of tradition and modernity and marks a return to the pure essence of motorcycling: two wheels, a wide handlebar, a simple engine and a huge amount of fun.

The specifications…
Engine: L-Twin, Desmodromic distribution, 2 valves per cylinder, air cooled
Displacement: 803 cc
Bore x stroke: 88 x 66 mm
Compression ratio: 11:1
Power: 55 kW (75 hp) @ 8,250 rpm
Torque: 68 Nm (50 lb-ft) @ 5,750 rpm
Fuel in…

Hoi An to Dalat… Adjusting to the sun, rain, dry, dust and clouds

From Hoi An I wanted to travel to Dalat. I could have traveled along the coast, but I was not enjoying the ride along the main highway called the A1. The highway had lots of traffic, big trailer trucks, areas under construction and the scenery along the road was just not very pretty. So I decided to take the road less traveled and I headed toward the interior highway the AH17.
Once I turned off the A1 highway the road varied between asphalt, to gravel to dirt.
When riding behind other motorcycles or minivans I found that the traffic would kick up quite a bit of dust. So, I felt that it was time to pull out my 3M mask that filters out particulates and odors. I was amazed at how well this mask worked. It did protect me from breathing in particulate matter, but it worked so well that it filtered out the smell of exhaust. I don't know why I did not pull this out earlier in my trip. In the USA this mask cost about US$7… and it was worth every cent. It was a long day of riding back roa…

Motorcycle Maintenance In Vietnam

For some reason, my motorcycle's speedometer and odometer stopped working. I was not too concerned that my speedometer was not working, because I would rarely reference it. However, I was concerned that my odometer was broken because I utilized it all the time to measure travel distances for navigation and to estimate my gas consumption. I needed to fix it.

The great thing about motorcycle maintenance on the road is that I often ask if I can observe and assist with the diagnosis and repair… which means that I learn something new about motorcycles every time. I look at this as a positive and not a negative. Also, I enjoy the interaction with the people that I meet. It become less like a transaction and more like a cultural exchange.

The convenient thing about motorcycle maintenance in Vietnam is that there are usually one or many xe may shops (motorcycle shops) every few kilometers. So, I hopped on my motorcycle, traveled down the road and pulled into one such shop.

Like many of t…

Hoi An… Old Houses, Markets, Beaches and Pretty People

From Hue I traveled to the town of Hoi An. Along the way I passed a scenic route called the Hai Van Pass. The pass is a twisty road that passes through the mountains and along the coast of the South China Sea. Honestly, I was enjoying the ride so much that I forgot to stop and take many photos.

The Hải Vân Pass (ocean cloud pass), is an approximately 21 km long mountain pass on National Route 1A in Vietnam. It traverses a spur of the larger Annamite Range that juts into the South China Sea. Its name refers to the mists that rise from the sea, reducing visibility. Historically, the pass was a physical division between the kingdoms of Champa and Đại Việt. - wikipedia

When I arrived in Hue I did not have a reservation at a hotel. I was not worried because I knew that Hoi An was a tourist town and I felt comfortable that there would be many rooms available, especially in the low season. I decided that I would just locate a street with a number of hotels and go door to door until I found …