The Galapagos Islands Day 1

Santa Cruz Island

It was a bit of a blur once I landed at the Baltra Airport on Santa Cruz Island. I remember meeting my guide Daniel and a few of the other travelers.
We were quickly shuttled from the airport... onto a bus... onto a small boat...
Then onto our cruise boat... The Darwin... how appropriate.
The captains deck.
The lounge.
The dining area.
The lower deck where my room was located.
My simple bed.
Each day our captain would sail the boat to one of the Galapagos Islands. The first day we traveled a short distance from the port to another area of Santa Cruz Island.
We would transfer from the cruise boat to the small boat... then disembark from the small boat onto a beach or dock where we were free to explore.
And each day would end with a dramatic sunset.

Parting shot...There was also an upper deck of the boat which we put to good use.


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