Thursday, October 30, 2014

Crossing The Darien Gap… New Ferry Service

UPDATE:  It appears that this ferry service has been suspended.


Crossing the Darien Gap just got a little easier with the operation of a much anticipated luxury ferry service called Ferry Xpress. The service runs from Colon and Bocas del Toro, Panama to/from Cartegena, Colombia.

Fees as of Nov 1, 2014 can be as low as US$99 per person for a seat (US$155 for a cabin) and US$180 per motorcycle.
This represents a substantial savings over air cargo flights with Girag Cargo which range from US$450 for passengers and US$900 for motorcycles.
Or with sailboat charters which range from US$450 for passengers and US$550 for motorcycles.

This new ferry service will certainly be a welcome form of transportation to cross the Darien Gap for budget minded adventure motorcyclists and travelers, but it will certainly take a little of the "adventure" out of the experience. Read about my experience crossing the Darien Gap at The Adventure Begins

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  1. I guess it's back to the Stahlratte. More money but a great experience.


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