Uvita, Costa Rica...Falling Down a Waterfall

I moved to the town of Uvita and stayed at a place called The Tucan Hotel. At the hotel I met a fellow Texan named Sarah from San Antonio and Teresa from Brakenridge, Colorado. We checked out a few of the local attractions, a little food festival...
the beach...
and this waterfall.

It seemed like a good idea to climb to the top and look over the edge...
And jump...
And do a full corkscrew. It was a crowd pleaser.

However, it was raining during most of my stay in Uvita, so it seemed like I didn't do much more than hang out and lay in a hammock.


  1. As much as the beach is stunning in its own right, I'd have to say that the falls aren't so bad as well. It sure does look like a blast to jump off of it into the water below.


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