Saturday, December 24, 2011

Panama City... A Crossroads for Ships and Travelers

It was raining again. I drove through it and rolled into Panama City. Riding into a big city is never fun. The streets are confusing and the traffic is crazy. I made my way through the city and eventually found the Villa Vento Hostel. It turns out to be a pretty nice place to chill.
I showered up, met a few people and we headed out to dinner at a restaurant called Arabe. Grant(LA) Damiano(Rome), Allison(Cannes), Angelica(Panama City), Jenny(DC) and Sam(Melbourne).
Over the next few days it rained quite a bit. I stayed in the hostel resting up and only ventured out to eat, drink or run errands.
Every few days, a group of travelers would arrive and a group of travelers would depart. So it is, this life on the road. Guy(New Zealand), Sue(Germany), Seju(Korean), George(Canada), David(Australia)
I did manage to see a bit of Panama City... the new and modern part.
The Casco Viejo (Old Shell/Old Town).
The Presidential Palace.
The Mercado de Mariscos (Fish Market).

And, I dropped by this little thing called the Panama Canal.
Ships arrive...
Ships pass through...
Ships depart...
...kind of like travelers.

But for most of my time in Panama, I was planning on how to get me and my bike from Central America to South America crossing over the Darien Gap.

Location:Panama City, Panama


  1. I am so jealous of your adventure. You are my idol Troy Wong. You are my idol! Maybe one day I can replicate your path.

  2. Your Panama trip looks wonderful. Those are interesting places you have been through. Thank you for sharing this and good luck to your future adventures!


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