Monday, December 26, 2011

Nuevo Zapatos (New Shoes/Tires) for Emi

My odometer on my bike rolled over to 7000 miles today. I thought that I'd celebrate by getting some nuevo zapatos (new shoes/tires) for Emi.

I asked a local motorcyclist where I might be able to find a motorcycle shop that sells tires and he directed me to a street called Avenida 1 de Mayo between Avenida NQS and Avenida 10.

The street is lined on both sides with about a half mile of moto shops.

All the motorcyclists ride up and down the street looking for what they need, then pull up on the sidewalk to park.

I found a shop that had some Perelli MT60 tires in the right size for my bike.

In the small garage the mechanics went to work on my bike. I also asked for an oil change and lube. I had them check my break pads and they seemed to still be in good shape.

Afterwards, I rode down the street and found a moto wash.

I had been riding through quite a bit of rain and dirt, so it was nice having my bike cleaned up a bit for $3. They didn't do a great job, but I think Emi appreciated it.

I also picked up temporary insurance for Colombia for my bike. After visiting a few insurance sales offices and being told that it is only possible to buy a full year of insurance, I found Seguros SurAmerica at Carrera 10, #28-49 Edificio Davivienda which sold me two months of insurance at a reasonable

Now I'm ready to ride the Andes Mountains of South America.

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