Inspiration to get out and ride

Inspiration is powerful. It arrives unexpectedly. It can be subtle. It may penetrate deeply. It might be fleeting. So embrace it while you can. A word, quote, song, image, event or person can inspire.

Here are some people that I have met along the way that have inspired me to get out and ride.   
Marisa rides her bicycle around town for leisure and posts her rides online.  
Dustin is planning to ride the 2015 RAAM (Race Across America)
Hernan and Lucas have riden around Argentina in areas like the scenic Siete Lagos (Seven Lakes)
Russell started traveling as a backpacker. He acquired a motorcycle along the way and traveled by motorcycle. Then he traded in his motorcycle for a bicycle and rode around Europe. 
Hanna has ridden her bicycle from North America to the tip of South America over a two year period. 

Thanks for the inspiration y'all. 


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