Friday, May 1, 2015

The Life List

Although I have never really kept a bucket list of places to go, ever since I was a little kid I have kept in my mind a list of things to do… a list of experiences. Because I truly believe that life experiences should not be confined to a bucket, they should develop organically and expand life. I have never really discussed any of these things with my family or friends, the ideas have just lingered in the back of my mind. Some of them are similar, yet many of them were conceived in contrast to each other. Some of the experiences I have already crossed off the list, others are on the horizon. So, I thought that it might be time to share my Life List.

Build a tree house
Dig a fox hole
Climb a tall tree
Jump off a cliff  Sedona, Arizona
Sleep in an igloo
Sleep in a desert  Tatacoa Desert, Colombia
Swim in the Atlantic ocean  Utila, Honduras
Swim in the Pacific ocean  Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
Sleep under the stars Big Bend, Texas
Stay in a five star hotel  Bangkok, Thailand
Pan for gold  Sacramento, California
Discover an artifact
Travel with a dog
Go on a safari  The Serengeti, Tanzania
Catch a huge fish
Save an endanger species  Leatherback turtle release Champerico, Guatemala
Drive across a country
Sail across an ocean
Fly a hot air balloon
Bungee jump
Take a transcontinental train journey
Cruise on a luxury ship  Cruised Seattle, Washington to Juneau, Alaska
Learn a foreign language  Spanish
Teach a classroom of students  Gualan, Guatemala
Fly an airplane
Surf a gnarly wave Waikiki, Hawaii
Paddle the length of a river
Dive below 100 feet  The Great Blue Hole, Belize
Climb above 18,000 feet  Summited Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Drive a Ferrari
Own a VW Camper Van
Live in a log cabin in the woods
Live the RV lifestyle
Ride a motorcycle  Suzuki DR650 from Texas to Tierra del Fuego
Bicycle across a country
Meditate in a prayer garden
Trek an epic through-hike trail
Found a successful business
Start a non-profit
Save a life
Cheat death  Coban, Guatemala; Lukla, Nepal; Puebla, Mexico

What would you add to the list or your list?

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