Sunday, May 24, 2015

Havana, Cuba - A Second Look

A day of walking around Havana, Cuba
A view from my 6th floor bed and breakfast
Classic car on the streets of Havana
Classic car followed by modern car
Castillo de San Carlos (Fortress)
Kids playing recreational ball game during school
Statue of Maximo Gomez
Flower petals in a park
Raul, Fidel and Che
Che Guevara immortalized
Revolution history museum
State room
Caja de comida (Box of food), it's what for lunch
Bird in a cage
Bringing home the daily catch
Friends embracing in an alleyway
Four square handball
Patty cake
The line to buy a phone card
Inside the National Museum
Colonial stained glass
Real or reproduction?
Riding along the Malecon
The first regatta in a long time with sailboats from the US.
Fishing along the Malecon
Hotel Nacional

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