Puerto Montt and NAVIMAG'ing

I returned to Puerto Montt.
I visited the artisan market.
Where they produce various types of woven objects of wool...
And these wooden mates (mugs) for drinking yerba mate.
The artisan market was near the seafood market
Where they had various types of shellfish...
Sea urchins...
And packaged smoked salmon. I bought a package.
There were a number of friendly dogs hanging around ready to pick up scraps.

But I wasn't in Puerto Montt to shop or eat seafood.
I was there to NAVIMAG!
While these people were waiting to board the NAVIMAG
I was boarding with Emi into the cargo deck.
I met some fellow adventure motorcyclists while boarding the NAVIMAG. Jordan and Sandra are from Canada and riding around South America on BMW F650s... and NAVIMAGing.
We set sail.

It was smooth sailing.
There were a number of people on board that I'd met in the previous week while staying at different hostels... Grant (USA) Eva (Germany) and Joyeeta (USA)
To pass time we played cards, mostly spades. Thomas (Holland), Eva (Germany), Joyeeta (USA) and Monique (Holland).
Settlers of Catan...
The dice version...
and Bingo.
We would eat this this cafeteria.
We'd pass time in this lounge.
We traveled through channels and fjords.
The captain kept us on course from the bridge.
It was cloudy for much of the trip.
But even from inside the scenery was pretty cool.
And once once in a while the skies opened up.
To reveal some of the surrounding mountains and fjords.
Our little ferry was dwarfed by the immensity of our surroundings.
A highlight of the trip was when we passed by this glacier.
Before I knew it, we had reached Puerto Natales and it was time to deboard.


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