Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Out On The Town...Santiago

In the morning, I was walking through the Plaza de Armas (Central Park) and saw a crowd of people huddled around something. I decided that I should check it out. Watch the short video to see what it was.
For lunch, I went to the W hotel and had lunch with my friend Rodrigo who works with a money management firm in Santiago called Capital Advisors. He treated me to a nice meal... I owe you one Rodrigo.
Later that evening these lovely ladies invited me to diner at a restaurant called Tiramisu. How could I resist? Megan (Colorado), Jessie (Buenos Aires) and Lucila (Buenos Aires).
Afterwards we went for drinks. Megan and Jessie got comfortable in these comfy chairs.
Lucila and Megan made life imitate art.
I just kicked back and thought... I'm a lucky guy.

Good times... with good folks.
Location:Santiago, Chile

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