The Adventure Begins...When The Road Ends

Ushuaia is known as el fin del mundo (the end of the world). It is the largest city in this isolated part of the world. However, there is actually a smaller town that is 20km further south of Ushuaia called Lapataia. I traveled to Lapataia and sought out the actual end of the road.
This is the end of the road, the marker, Emi and me. Okay, it is official. I hit the end of the road.
The signs says, "Here ends route No. 3"
Here is the view at the end of the road.
And a little beyond.


  1. What's next? Will you sell Emi and fly back to Texas?

  2. I'll be heading back north shortly. There is still some riding to do and I have some places I'd like to visit.


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