Ruinas de Tamtoc

I left the quite and peaceful area of El Cielo for something a little different. First, Tamtoc is a collection of ruins built by the Huastecas. It was a medium sized site with three plazas, a few alters and a large carved calendar. Since I was the only visitor I got a personal tour.
Entrance to Tamtoc Ruins
Tamtoc Ruins Plaza A
Tamtoc Carving of Three Wives - carvings include three wives, two without heads, anamorphic shapes and calendar.
Moises (Moses) mentioned that this carving was dedicated to a king called Cinco Caricoles (Five Snails). He said that there was more to this story. Your guess is as good as mine.

After visiting Tamtoc I rode a short distance to a town called San Vicente for lunch. Then on to Xilitla.
- Troy


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