Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Adventure Begins... Tejas a la Tierra

The day has finally arrived. The adventure begins for Tejas a la Tierra. I'm heading south from Austin, Texas to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. I've resigned from my job, sold many of my worldly possessions, cleaned out my house, modified my motorcycle, packed my bags and said my fair wells. I'm uncertain as to what exactly lies ahead. At this moment I'm feeling ready, but somewhat apprehensive. I've double checked my packing list. I sure that I've left something behind. Oh well, I'll just have to pick it up on the way. Or, better yet, just do without it. The planner in me wishes that I could take more. The free spirit in me wishes that I could take less. I had to cull a few items that I was planning to take - an extra pair of pants, some liner socks, some duplicates of tools. But overall I've been able to fit everything onto my bike. Most importantly I had a good night of sleep and I'm ready to go.

Thanks for all the support and well wishes. This whole trip wouldn't be possible without the support of my family and all my friends that helped me get ready.

The Adventure Begins...Now!

- Troy


  1. Posted your adventure to my Facebook yesterday and now you have got three more followers to your trek. I am sure once the NYC gang hears about your amazing plans they will start following you too :-) Take care my friend. -Margaret in CA.

  2. have a safe/fun trip!! i totally get the planner v free spirit dilemma.. can't wait to hear about all the adventures :)

  3. Have a great, safe and enjoyable trip. We will be following you all the way.
    The Wongs from Monterey Park, CA.

  4. praying for you daily ... planning a family vacation to South America in the summer where ever you may be!

  5. I think that wherever your journey takes you, there are new gods waiting there, with divine patience -- and laughter.

  6. Troy, I wish you all the best. If you have half of your Mom's organizational abilities, and a third of your Dad's integrity, and "sticktoitiveness" you'll make it. Good luck on the book. Journal EVERYTHING, and you are a part of the way there. From your Mom's good friend, remembering you as a baby!!!! Thelma Key Proverbs 3: 5-6


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