Right This Minute

On Friday I got this phone call out of the blue. First, it was unusual because it came in over my land line. I think that I get maaaaybe 2 or 3 phone calls each month on my land line. Why do I still keep that thing? Not for long!

Anyway, I diverge.

It turns out that the call was from a lady named Mayra. She was calling from Right This Minute. It turns out that Right This Minute is a new news program that will be launching this month. And Mayra and her team wanted to interview me about my little adventure. She came across my website and wanted to know what's up.

We talked a little and I agreed to do it.

Why not? For this next year I'm going to make it a habit to say Yes much more than No... or Si en vez de No.

We have it scheduled for Tuesday. The network is scheduled to launch later this month. I'm not sure exactly when it will air, but if I find out I'll post it here.

Click here for more info on Right This Minute


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