Monday, September 26, 2011

A Day of Dual Sport Riding in Alta Cima, Mexico

I got up today with the goal of going to the towns of Alta Cima and possibly San Jose. These towns were up the mountain in the biosphere reserve of El Cielo. The road was wicked good... for dual sport riding that is. Some gravel, some rocks, curvy, sheer drop offs, some steep grades, beautiful views and lots of butterflies.
However, one of the things I've learned about dual sport riding is to ride within my limits and the limits of my bike. Emi is a great girl and will go just about anywhere. However the load of gear that I was asking her to carry was weighing her down. This trail was challenging her and me. I'd say the trail was probably a 3 out of 4 in terms of difficulty. I realized that I was pushing my limits. After some time and considering that I was miles from help or a good bike shop I decided to turn around.
I made my way back to the town and safety of Gomez Faria and treated myself to some ceveche and a beer. I camped at La Poza Azul. It was a great day of dual sport riding. Great day overall. Best part... I lived to tell about it.


  1. 3 out of 4. Wow! Would different tires have helped? Something more aggressive?

  2. Dave, the bike and the tires were performing fine. However, the road/trail was steeper and rockier than these photos show. Of course I couldn't stop to take photos during the difficult parts. I was putting all my focus on staying away from the drop off the edge of the mountain.

  3. Giant Loop on your girl! Next time I see those guys I'll tell them you're putting one to good use :)

  4. I'm loving the Giant Loop Great Basin and dry bag. They stay firm on the bike with absolutely no movement. My only mistake was not getting a Diablo tank bag. Great stuff.


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