Friday, September 9, 2011

Best point and shoot camera for travel - Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS3?

Could this be the best point and shoot camera for adventure travel, the Panasonic DMC-TS3? It sure is loaded with features. It has a compact waterproof and shockproof body, built-in GPS, altimeter, barometer, compass, 12MP CCD, a 2.7 inch LCD, a 28-128mm equivalent lens, 1080i60 HD movie capability and 3D photo mode. Nice!

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After future review of this camera I have determined that it is not the ideal adventure travel camera. There are two shortcomings that prevent this camera from making the grade. First, the battery life of this camera is terrible. I purchased an extra battery to use with this camera. But, even with the extra battery I often found that the batteries could not last a full day of shooting, much lest a weekend or week of backcountry shooting. It is not worth evening bringing a camera if the battery will not last to the end of your journey. Fail! Second, after three months of use and a few submersions in water, the camera stopped working. I followed all the instructions about depth and cleaning. The camera just stopped working. And it is not easy to send a camera in for warranty work form the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. Fail!


  1. ooh, i want one of these...

  2. I ended up buying this camera and bringing it on my trip. It is pretty awesome. It does seem to run down the battery quite quickly. I'm going to try turning off some of the features to obtain better battery life. The video and photo images appear to be pretty good to me.

  3. WOW, GPS in a camara !



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