Rio de Janeiro... Outside Art

I passed by the Museum of Modern Art in Rio and outside there was this large iron art piece that was probably 30 feet long and 10 feet wide.
It was almost as if the art was alive. Check out this short video to see it move.
I walked by the Municipal Theatre one day and happened to pass by another interesting piece of art.
There was this large transparent triangular glass structure with people inside. 
The name of the piece was Labirinto de Vidro (Glass Labyrinth). And the experiential piece of art allowed people to walk within the art. It was a strange sensation... as I walked around inside of the labyrinth I found myself looking outside. And people on the outside were looking inside of the labyrinth at me. I really enjoyed the experience.
Check out the video to see for yourself what it was like.
About two weeks later I passed by the Glass Labyrinth once again. Unfortunately some idiot had vandalized the art by breaking one of the pieces of the wall.
I spoke with a person standing nearby that was responsible for the piece of art and they did convey to me that they would be repairing the piece shortly.
Even though the art was broken... there was still something very beautiful about it... it was just a different type of experience. People were still looking through the labyrinth from the outside. And there were these layers and textures that were not present previously.
 How distorted!
 How cool!


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