Ilha Grande... Cruising Around

I connected with a group of Brazilians and took a trip to Ilha Grande (The Big Island). From Rio we took a chartered bus ride and then a boat ride to reach the island.
Once we arrived on the island it was quite scenic.
For most of my adventure I had traveled alone or I would meet up with small groups of people and go on excursions. Brazilians like to travel in big groups. This was our galera (galley). Too bad that I had forgot my speedo.
We chartered one of these boats to visit other parts of the island.
Off we sailed... uh... motored
We cruised around the island and stopped at various coves.
The water changed colors from cove to cove.
It went from a dark green to a light turquoise.
I grabbed a couple of these noodles... 
 And jumped in. The water was actually still pretty cool at this time of the year. I did not stay in for long.
 We also explored the island by foot and hiked some trails.
 On one hike I saw this monkey.
 Monkey see... monkey do... on Ilha Grande.


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