Rio de Janeiro... Hiking to Pedra Bonita

I met up with some friends to hike to Pedra Bonita (Pretty Rock).

Once again, it was a large group.
We set off and the group naturally spaced out so that we were not all hiking in one big group. 
After about a half hour of uphill hiking we reached the top and gathered together. 
It was such a cloudy day that the scenic views were obscured. 
So, I went off on my own to explore a little. 
And then the clouds miraculously cleared. The nearby mountain called Pedra Gavea was exposed. 
To the left I could see the city of Rio. 
Below me I could see the neighborhood of Leblon. 
And to the right I could see the neighborhood of Barra de Tijuca. 
Pedra Bonita is also a launching spot for hang gliders and parasailers. If you look closely you can see one in the clouds. 
One last group photo before heading down the mountain.


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