Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Convento de San Felipe Neri (Convent of San Felipe Neri)

Could it really be interesting to visit a convent? You be the judge.
You enter the convent and walk down these long white arched hallways.
Along the way you see some religious artwork.
And you keep walking.
And you see some more religious artwork.
And as you walk down the hallways, you start to realize that there are intricate details in the workmanship all around you.
You look out at the courtyard and realize this is truly amazing. Hmmm... you wonder if you could go higher.
And then you find a passageway that leads you to the roof.
OK, you are up on the roof... this is cool.
The colorful masonry surprises you.
 Could you go higher. Try going up the stairs.
As you look around, you see the shadow of a bell tower.
And then you see the bell tower. You wonder if you could go inside and ascend.
Sure enough, on the inside, you find a spiral staircase that ascends the tower. It is pretty tight, but you climb the steps slowly.
 When you reach the top, you look out of the bellfry.
 You see some beautify views.
 You overlook the hills of Sucre.
 You overlook the rooftops of the city.
 You can almost see the central plaza.
So what do you think? Can a convent be an interesting place to visit?

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