Sunday, September 30, 2012

Museo de Arte indígena ASUR (Museum of Indigenous Arts)

I visited the Museo de Arte indígena ASUR (Museum of Indigenous Art).
The mission of the museum is to protect and preserve the artisan work of the indigenous population. The museum contains a collection of Jalq’a and Candelaria (Tarabuco) weavings and offers instruction on techniques used to produce the traditional textiles.
To arrive at the museum one must climb a small cobblestone hill.
Once inside, one can see artisans at work creating various forms of textiles
It is generally a handmade process.
The artisans take yarn from sheep or alpaca and create masterpieces.

Also, there is a display of traditional costumes and musical instruments.

Outside the museum, up a stone road, there is a small market with various textiles.

 And at the top of the hill is a scenic overlook of the city of Sucre.

And there is a small church called the Iglesia de San Lazaro

A nice place to take a stroll.

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