Thursday, April 4, 2013

Home... Austin, Texas, USA

My flight from Buenos Aires to Houston went according to schedule. I arrived safely and was greeted at the airport by my mom.
We drove over to the airport cargo office and picked up Emi. She was wrapped up just as I remembered. I remounted the front wheel and rear case... and off I rode.

No lie, it was pretty sweet to spend some time visiting with my family in Houston.
After a couple of days in Houston, it was time to hit the road once again for my final ride to my home in Austin. I decided to not take the most direct route along the interstate highway, but instead opted to take the alternate route that would take me along some of the backroads through central Texas. I headed down highway 90.
This alternate route was the best way to be reacquainted with Texas. Along the way I would see farm houses flying the Texas flag.
Texas cattle
Texas small towns
Texas drive-in fast food restaurants like Dairy Queen.
Texas small businesses like smokehouses
 Texas courthouses
 Texas grain silos
 And, in the town of Shiner, Texas...
 There is the K. Spoetzl Brewery also known as the Shiner Beer Brewery.
I stopped by the brewery for a tour and tasting, but unfortunately it was closed. Do you think anyone would have noticed if I hauled off one of those beer kegs on the back of my motorcycle?
And yes, we have oil in Texas. This oil pump just happened to be decorated as a see saw with kids on top. 
This oil pump looked a bit out of place. We do not have killer whales in Texas, except at the amusement park in San Antonio call Sea World.
I passed by the town of Luling, Texas which is famous for this BBQ restaurant called City Market.
In Texas we cook our meat by slowly smoking it in a pit for around 6 to 8 hours. The meat absorbs the smoky flavor of the wood, becomes very tender and a little charred on the outside. The types of meat that one can usually find in a BBQ restaurant in Texas include brisket, ribs and sausage. Sometimes they may have a pork loin, prime rib, chicken or turkey. The side dishes are pretty simple like coleslaw, beans and potato salad. Some places will sell beer, some places will allow BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer). My apologies to my friends in Argentina and Brazil... but our beef is better!
I passed by the town of Lockhart which is famous for BBQ. This small establishment is Black's BBQ.
This large establishment is Kreuz's BBQ.
Finally I arrived at my home in Austin, Texas.
27,549.6 miles or 44,336.8 kim... 14 months... 16 countries... 3 continents... what an adventure!

The End.

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  1. I read a lot of our blogs. What an awesome experince for you. I am trip planning for a very similar one now starting next may.

  2. Glad that you arrived safely! Greetings from cold and snowy London!:)

    Marta y Alex

  3. Cool ending to Emi's trip! Just curious.. what is the 3rd continent you traveled with her?

  4. Roger, thanks for following. You have an amazing adventure ahead of you. - Troy
    Marta and Alex, glad that you made it home too. It sounds like you two really fell in love with South America.
    Andy, N. America, S. America and Antarctica. Emi was not able to join me in Antarctica, but she went everywhere else.

  5. That was great Troy. I enjoyed your trip. What's next?

  6. Kevin, thanks. I have something in the works that I plan to announce in a few days.


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