From Tucuman, I road a short distance to Salta. I hung out in Salta for two days. I met up with a friend that I had met in Buenos Aires named Craig. He's a doctoral student from the US studying the ecology of the region. We went out to dinner, checked out a movie, and he showed me around the town a bit.
I was experiencing a bad hair day.
Salta is a fairly large town with a small town feel.  There is a blend of architectural styles around the central plaza.
Colonia Calbildo
The Church of Saint Francis from a distance.
The Church of Saint Francis up close.
Interesting arabic styled house.
Street vendor selling jewelry.
I visited the Museo Arqueologia de Alta Montana and saw this Andean mummy. It was discovered frozen and preserved in the nearby mountains.
Andean mummy 2
While passing by the central park at night I stopped and listened to this concert for a while. A blend of Andean and Pop.
 I rode this teleferico up a hill.
And from atop the hill caught this scenic view of Salta.
A statue of General Guemes, a key figure in the war for independence.


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