Friday, May 11, 2012

Fly Fishing the Limay River

Fly fishing the Limay River.
This is a short 2:30 minute video about fly fishing on the Limay River near Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina. I met Christian Ferreira on the river. He shared some of his knowledge. Ends up he is a professional guide, but was fishing on his day off. Got to love that.


  1. whats up Troy! today I found the piece of papper with your adress in my truck. The winter is gone and a new fishing season has just started on november first. Nice website you have here! Saludos from Argentina and keep enjoying the world! Cristian.

  2. Hey Cristian, thanks for dropping me a note. I really enjoyed the fishing around Bariloche. I will need to return someday. Best of luck during the new season. I'll be fishing for rainbows in Texas soon. - Troy


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