Saturday, April 28, 2012

An Ounce Of Prevention

I woke up this morning and heard raindrops on the tin roof. A pleasant sound if you're planning to stay under the covers. Not such a pleasant sound to hear if you want to ride some miles on a motorcycle.

My boots have not proven to be waterproof despite being marketed as waterproof with a gortex liner. I've tried protecting them with creams and waxes, but nothing has proven to work completely.

I thought that I'd make my own provision using duct tape.

I think it looks pretty diesel...what do you say?


  1. awesome.. they kind of look like space age robot boots :)

  2. Hey Troy!

    It's John from your cabin on the Navimag ferry. Finally found your blog and I'm keeping track. Thank you for the bottle of wine by the way!

    in Maldonado, Uruguay


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