Friday, July 11, 2014

One Last Spin Around Hanoi

I took one last spin around Hanoi. Away from the Old Quarter and tourist area I came across this market. 
Inside there was some good looking produce.
All kinds of spices and spice mixes. 
Some dried goods.
Out on the street I walked by this little shop and in the front doorway the proprieter was making fresh tofu.
And this merchant was serving bbq... dog.
These folks were taking a break to enjoy a game of horses.
I stopped in this little restaurant and had com... rice, veggies, tofu, spring roll and chicken. I think that I paid 30,000 dong or US$1,40.
I thought about asking this guy for advice about how to pack and carry my things on my moto. It looked like he had mastered the art of carrying porcelain figurines on a moto.
I had one last meal which was delicious with Quy Nho.
Then we went to a cafe to meet some friends and chart out some places for me to visit in Vietnam. This cafe was started by some travel lovers and had a nice map of Vietnam painted on the wall. 
I think that I was ready to embrace Vietnam. Let's roll!

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