Friday, May 2, 2014

Boats, Windmills and Tulips… A Corner In Amsterdam

Day 10 - Amsterdam
The last day of our adventure in The Netherlands was spent in Amsterdam. We did not have any activities scheduled. We simply walked around the city, did a little shopping and took in the street views. Even though I had not spent that much time in Amsterdam, the city felt somewhat familiar. I passed by a few places that I recognized. I felt comfortable walking along the streets, around the canals, over the bridges and through the alleyways.
I found myself on the corner of Jodendreestraat Street and Uilenburgersteeg Street.
And I shot this short video that captures the street scene of a corner in Amesterdam.
It was then time to return home. Dank u voor de goede tijden Holland!

The End.

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