Friday, March 8, 2013

Rio de Janeiro... Splitting Lanes

While living in Rio de Janeiro, I rarely rode my motorcycle around the city. To me, the roads often felt like a maze and the traffic felt oppressive. However, I did take a few excursions outside of the city by motorcycle. It always seemed easy to leave the city, but to return to the city posed problems. It seemed like there was always lots of traffic flowing into the city. So... when in Rio... I often found myself riding like the Cariocas... Splitting Lanes.

I do not recommend this. I probably will never do it again. But it does make for interesting video.

Take note at 35 seconds how cars change lanes abruptly and without signaling, at 45 seconds how challenging it is to be a street vendor, at 1:10 the truck pulling the mobile home during rush hour, at 1:50 the squeeze between two trucks and every so often you will hear a horn. That would be me tooting my own horn to warn the cars and trucks in front of me that a motorcycle is approaching. 


  1. No post for awhile. I live my motorcycle dreams, in the winter, through your adventures. I'm getting no-ride depression. For my mental health, Troy please post something soon.
    Best wishes Kevin.

  2. Kevin, thanks for your comment and for following. I'm almost finished telling my tale. I just haven't figured out how to tell these last few stories. I will post something within the next few days.


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