Monday, July 10, 2023

Outdoor Gear and Travel Essential Deals To Watch on Amazon Prime Day

Looking for some deals on outdoor gear and travel essentials during Amazon's Prime Day. These are some of the items that I'm hoping will be on sale.

Paddleboards and Paddling Gear - I've really enjoyed paddling my SUP this summer, so I'm always browsing for a deal on my dream SUP the Red Pad Co Compact. I have a dry bag to carry my accessories, but can one ever have too many dry bags. :)


Fishing Gear - I really don't need a new rod and reel, but it is fun to browse. I really would like to pick up some fishing accessories like a portable scale to weight my fish and good hook remover.

Travel Technology - My old power bank works well for many of my electronics, but it takes a long time to change my new iPhone. These new Anker power banks are supposed to have quick charging capability. I could also use a case to carry all my electronics for traveling.

Backpacking Gear - I've had my eye on one of these little air pumps to inflate my sleeping pad. It they go on sale, I'll be very tempted. I've trusted my Sawyer Squeeze water filter for all my backpacking trips. I'd love to have an extra one dedicated for my paddling trips. 


Everyday Essentials - I'll also consider scooping up some deals on everyday essentials like mineral sunscreen and medicine.  

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