Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Best Gifts for Travelers

Here's a collection of gift ideas for the world traveler. After traveling through 60+ countries, I've come to the realization that none of these items are necessary for a great adventure, however I have found that having the right gear for traveling can make the experience more enjoyable. Most of these items cost under $50. Click on the image or link for a full product description.

A Map of the World $15 Travel is for dreamers. And nothing is better to kickstart those dreams than a decorative map of the world hanging on a wall. A map makes destinations and distances become real. I prefer a map with a little character like this antique style map by National Geographic.

1000 Places To See Before You Die Book $15 Need ideas to add to that bucket list? This book has a thousand. Use it as a reference guide or checklist.

Carry-on Hardside Spinner Luggage $50 If the traveler enjoys traveling mostly to cities, nothing is more necessary than a good piece of luggage. It doesn't have to be fancy nor expensive. It should be a MLC (maximum legal carry-on) size of 45 liters or less so one can speed through airports and carry it onto airplanes. The spinner style of luggage can be pushed, pulled or carried easily.

The Osprey Farpoint 40 $160 If the traveler enjoys getting off the beaten path, nothing is more necessary than a good convertible backpack. Convertible backpacks allow one to move from airport to taxi to bus to train to boat to tuktuk easily. This Osprey Farpoint 40 can be carried like luggage or worn as a backpack. It is made of durable materials and has various compartments. Best of all is that it comes in under the MLC (maximum legal carry-on) size.

Packing Cubes 3 piece set $40 Bright colored packing cubes help one keep clothing, shoes, electronics and other items organized and easy to find.

Eagle Creek Hidden Passport Pocket $15 This passport pocket attaches to a belt and slides inside of one's pants or skirt to help keep your passport, bank cards and money safe. I place a key ring onto one of the straps so that I can attach it to a belt loop when I'm not wearing a belt. I carry my most important personal items in this passport pocket, then I carry a minimal amount of local currency for convenience purchases in a secondary small wallet.

Satechi Smart Travel Router with USB Port $50 This travel adaptor works in over 150 countries and is both an electrical adaptor and wireless router to extend wifi signals.

Electronic Accessories and Cable Organizer $16 Power cords, earbuds, flash memory, SIM cards, SD cards and power chargers are a reality of modern travel. This compact packet keeps all those items organized so that they are easy to find and less likely to be lost.

Fisher Backpacker Space Pen $18 I always travel with a pen on my person. It comes in handy when  passing through customs, writing down directions, doodling and collecting contact info. This compact pen fits inside my passport pocket and can write when held at all angles, even when held upside down. I like the blue color because it is easy to see and locate.

Sawyer Squeeze Water Filter $43 I used to spend time and money searching for and buying bottled water wherever I traveled. Now I bring a Sawyer Squeeze water filter with me and filter drinkable water wherever and whenever I need it. Save time, money and reduce the waste of plastic bottles.

O'Neill Loaded Hybrid Boardshort $50 These hybrid shorts look like walking shorts, but are made of quick dry material and serve as both shorts and swimwear. It enables one to travel lighter and be prepared to jump in when the opportunity arises.

Fringeless Solid Sarong $15 Instead of a towel or travel towel I bring a sarong. I like the fringeless sarong to be specific. I can use it as a towel, wrap, blanket, cover, ground sheet, scarf, etc. The material is quick drying too.

Apple iPhone or smartphone $725 I previously carried a guide book, map, camera, pen and paper, music player, etc. Now most of those items can be replaced with an Apple iPhone.

Anker PowerCore Speed 20000 power charger $45 Power up your smartphone, camera, ereader or other electrical devices anywhere with this powerful quick charger.

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