Friday, November 8, 2013

How To Travel Across America By RV (Recreational Vehicle) For $12 Per Day

As you may have already deduced, I am a big fan of long distance overland travel. I enjoy overland travel by motorcycle, car, bus, train or just about any means possible. I have always found it to be very rewarding to my soul to see vast landscapes, changing scenery, small towns and having the flexibility to stop anywhere and anytime while traveling overland. One vehicle that I have never traveled in, but would consider traveling in, would be a recreational vehicle (RV), also known as a caravan.

Some friends recently invited me to join them for a camping trip to Big Bend National Park in West Texas. I have traveled to Big Bend various times and each time I visit I experience something quite unique... so I'm always up for a road trip. The journey from my home to Big Bend is about 8-9 hours of driving. Yep, Texas is a big state. We had six people in our group, so we needed to look at various options as to how we would travel. We thought about a few options: 1. taking our personal cars which would require us to drive two cars because each of our vehicles could only hold four people. 2. renting or borrowing a six person van in which we could all fit. And, 3. renting a RV which could hold our entire group of six and our gear.

I researched renting a RV and this is what I found.
There is a company which rents RVs called Cruise America.
The company rents various RV models that can accommodate/sleep from three to seven people.
The RVs are pretty self contained and include storage, a kitchen, a bathroom and sitting lounges. To rent one of these beauties it typically cost $150 or more per day. Plus there is the cost of gasoline and RV parking. The advantage is that this cost pretty much covers your transportation and housing.
While browsing through the Cruise America website I came across this interesting option under Hot Deals
The hot deal is to help the company transport one of their RVs one way from Phoenix, Arizona to a specified location within a specified period of time for a rental cost of $12 per day! The drop off location could be as close as California to as far as Florida or Virginia.

Thus, if you are traveling from Phoenix, Arizona you could pick up a RV and drive it across America to say Florida at a rental cost of $12 per day, plus gasoline and RV parking. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

For our trip to Big Bend this option was not going to work for us because we were just traveling from one side of Texas to the other side of Texas, but I'm going to keep this option in mind if I ever find myself near Phoenix, Arizona.

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