Saturday Night and the Bar

This past Saturday I decided to give Emi another gift... lets say a little bling! Something nice and shiny that would make her stand out in the crowd.
It was time to mount the new bar setup. The specific items would include a Fly tapered handlebar, Protaper clamps, Moose handguards, Bikemaster folding bar end mirrors, Procycle aluminum quick throttle tube, Protaper hand grips and Crampbuster cruise assist.
For most of the afternoon I worked on removing the stock parts and adding the new parts. It progressed slowly. My friends Dave and Matt dropped by and lended a hand. I had most of it figured out and mocked up by 6pm. But I was getting tired and hungry so I decided to take a break. Well one thing led to another and I decided to leave the rest of the assembly for the next day.

Later that evening, or should I say early the next morning. I stood looking at the unfinished project. It was 1am. Emi just didn't look like her normal self.

So I mustered the energy and restarted the assembly. Things went smoothly but slowly. A little drilling here, a little twisting there, a little wrenching everywhere. It was 3am by the time I finished. But Emi was sparkling. I was feeling good. And it was a good night. Here's a few pics...
Emi with her new bar setup. The bar, clamps, handguards, mirrors, throttle tube, grips and cruise assist.
A close up view.


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